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Short Marriages

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There is no legal definition of a short marriage. But marriages of only a few years tend to have common characteristics when one or both of the parties seek to end them. It makes sense to discuss your case with an experienced Michigan divorce lawyer to figure out how to proceed most effectively, given your goals and interests.
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Short Marriages and Annulment

The availability of annulment is not dependent on the length of the marriage. The main thing is not duration, but the presence of grounds such as lack of capacity to marry or misrepresentation. For example, if the parties discussed having children, but after the marriage the husband reveals that he's had a vasectomy, that could be grounds for
an annulment.

Effect on Property Division and Support

Spousal support (also known as alimony) is less likely to be awarded in short marriages than in those of long duration. Similarly, issues of separate property from an inheritance or some other source are often treated differently. If a couple has only been married a few years, each party generally has a stronger claim to his or her own separate property than in marriage of long duration.
In short marriages, the children tend to be younger − and this makes it trickier to determine proper parenting time and child support.
I can help you assess your situation and take positive action, in light of how the courts treat issues like these in short marriages.

Get the Straight Story From a Seasoned Professional

The distinction between contested vs. uncontested divorce is often overstated. The real practical question is whether there is agreement on the issues.
That's where I can help. I know how to use mediation effectively, as well as other alternative dispute resolution approaches. Those approaches can often resolve financial issues without undue argument. But I also know how to negotiate from a position of strength, being prepared to go to trial when that is called for.

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