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Child Custody & Parenting Time

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For many divorcing mothers and fathers, decisions about children are the single most important area of concern. Much soul-searching and worry goes into whether − and how − to fight for child custody, given the time and care each parent can provide and what is best for the kids.
For help understanding your options and sorting through issues specific to your family, please contact me, family law attorney John R. Rinn. From my office in Livonia, I serve clients in Wayne County, Oakland County and throughout Southeast Michigan.
The best interest of the child is paramount from a legal perspective. This complex issue — not gender or the personal judgments of one parent by the other — is the crux of any custody dispute and court ruling on parenting time (sometimes called visitation). There are many different factors that can affect custody, and I have the experience to guide you capably through the process of making these decisions.

Defending Your Parental Rights and Important Relationships

Over the past three decades, I have represented many mothers and fathers in all types of cases, from the most easily resolved cases to the ones that must be settled in court.
I am equipped to counsel you on decisions involving:
  • Your likelihood of success in seeking primary custody or sole physical custody — typically with the other parent receiving specific, designated parenting time — or joint physical custody, an arrangement where children stay in each parent's home approximately half the time
  • Defending your right to joint legal custody, providing both the mother and father with equal participation in major decisions about the children
  • The impact of your child custody and parenting time arrangement on the child support you will be ordered to pay or receive

Working Toward Positive, Practical Solutions for You as a Parent

Equally important, I will work closely with you to determine the precise, detailed parenting time schedule that will work best for you. People's lives in our modern world are complicated, and diligence in this area often determines how well things go in this part of your life
after divorce.
Don't get hung up on the terminology of whether an arrangement is called joint physical custody or not. The important thing (both legally and as a practical matter) is what the parenting time schedule is. If we can reach agreement on that, then it doesn't really matter what we call it. There are many different possibilities between sole physical custody and "50/50" time-sharing. Based on your needs, we can work together to target a solid solution that keeps you close to your kids.

To start the discussion about how you might proceed in your divorce, I encourage you to contact me for a brief free consultation.

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